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I have had a web site for many years and have used it to share walking routes, recipes, photographs and music.



On the 20th June 2014 I was stopped in St Mary's Gate in Derby by a professional photographer who asked to take my photograph.

His name was Niall Mcdairmid and his web site is here:


This is one of the shots he took.



I was pleased to have had a protrait done by a professional photographer using a 'proper' camera and film.

It doesn't tell you much 'about' me except that I have a rather snazzy hat, a penchant for striped blazers and could do with losing some weight.

I was disappointed that the pocket flap was not where it should be. I want to point out that the lack of smile was deliberate! At Derby City Photography Club the speakers often complain about people smiling into the lens - so I didn't.


Full copyright acknowledgement to Niall.