Possible Locations for photographs near to Portland Heights Hotel



Recommended that you view Dorset Photo Locations in a larger map.

The map has 14 locations that have been popular with other photographers. There are many more possibilities!

For sunrise and sunset see:

The Photographer's Ephemeris 



Tide Tables for the Dorset Coastline

A full list of tide tables is here.

The Tide Times web site gives the times further ahead. This is a link to the Lulworth Cove table.



Other photographer's work in this area:

Paul Haynes

Edwin Hitchcoe

Anthony Blake

Guy Edwards

Adam Burton

David Noton

Andrew Dorey

Tony Howell

Mark Bauer

Antony Spencer

Rob Cherry

Katy White


Other sites that might be of some use:

The Photographer's Resource page for Dorset


http://www.icoast.co.uk/ This web site has photos of all different parts of the coast.


During the time we are at Portland Heights the Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens are floodlit from dusk until 8.30


Depending on your route there/back you may like to look at Gold Hill in Shaftesbury.



On my way down I will be stopping off at Micheldever Wood, a beech wood, used by Dough Chinnery in his workshops just to see if the leaves have turned enough/are still there.