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Music for Everyone Blow the Dust Off Your Instrument Day - 9th January 2016

Their website for the event is here.

The orchestra of 200 from my point of view on the back row of the flutes.


Repertoire included music for strings alone, for concert band, full orchestra, and for recorder group. The varied programme took us from Dowland to Bernstein, Elgar to Pirates of the Caribbean and, of course, Hucknall's very own Eric Coates. I had a really enjoyable day.

Flute Choir and Swing Band Christmas Concert Bluecoat Academy Nottingham - 6th December 2015


A shaky mobile phone photograph of the swing band playing at the end of term Christmas Concert. The Flute Choir played before them but I had a flute in my hands so couldn't take a photograph.

It was great fun to be a part of it.

Autumn 2015

Joined a flute choir as part of the Nottingham Music for Everyone programme.

23rd September 2015

Started flute lessons.

21st June 2015

Blow The Dust Off Your Insrument orchestra day.

Playing the flute in an orchestra of 120 instruments. Great fun.


Friday 23rd November 2012

The 'Carol of the Birds'

Have taken out the books of carol sheet music from the cupboard. I bought two new ones last year and hardly looked at them. Now I have been trying every tune in each one and came across this for the first time. The music is haunting - one writer described it as 'angelic'. I really like the way the minor key is chosen for some phrase endings but not for others. It is an unusual piece and one I am really enjoying. It is a Catalan Carol from the 16th Century.

Click here to listen to the carol arranged for flute and harp.

April 2012

Have been playing the same tunes as on the piano but have also gone back to a little book I bought when I first bought the flute:


March 2011

Heard Mozart's Rondo K373 played on the flute on a CD called Classics for a Sunday Morning. I thought it was a wonderful tune and so found the sheetmusic on the web and have started to practise it.
A violin version is here: Mozart Rondo K373 played by Berenice Christin Terwey

March 2009

One Hundred Classical Themes - Flute

July 2007

I am even rustier on the flute but I am going over all of the classical and folk pieces I used to play and am making an effort to play Handel's Oboe Concerto No. 3 in G minor, HWV 287

It is available on this Naxos disc 8.553430 HANDEL: Oboe Concertos Nos. 1- 3 / Suite in G Minor

I attempted the following with the intention of playing them with Sue and Gunther in the summer but there was just not the time:

Hummel Sonata in D major op 50

Hummel Sonata in G major op 2/2

Hummel Sonata in A major op 64