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'Weeds: Friend or Foe? - An Illustrated Guide to Identifying, Taming and Using Weeds' (Paperback) by Sally Roth, Anna Dourado. Paperback: 176 pages Publisher: Carroll & Brown Publishers Limited (22 Feb 2002) ISBN: 190325826X
(Beryl) 10

'The Lost Gardens of Heligan' by Tim Smit published by Channel Four Books ISBN 0 575 06765 9

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I think Tim Smit writes really well. He manages for find a story to weave around every aspect. He seems knowledgeable and includes the remarks of other people who are experts. He makes a long project seems to pass very quickly and as in 'The Eden Project' manages to create an strong emotional involvement too.

I really enjoyed this but there again I am dead keen on how gardening used to be done and regard 'The Victorian Kitchen Garden' as one of the best television series ever.

'Grow Your Own Vegetables' by Joy Larkcom published by Frances Lincoln ISBN: 0-7112-1963-X
(Both) 10. Definitive reference work.