Walking Hadrian's Wall

We did not write a letter on this trip.

Between the 28th of September and 3rd of October we walked parts of the middle section of Hadrian's Wall.  We had walked parts of each end on other occasions and this time we just wanted to do the bumpy bits in the middle.

We stayed at Willowford Farm which is actually on the wall on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The food was excellent and the accommodation warm and comfortable.  For the last two days we stayed at Slaley Hall Hotel.

Using a combination of there and back walks and the AD122 bus we covered all of the wall from Birdsowald to Sewing Sheilds as well as visiting: Vindolanda, Housesteads, Birdsowald, and Chesters Forts.

It rained for three of the days but that did not stop us doing anything and we were well equipped.  The other two days were fine and we took some photographs of the views.  They are here.

A lady named Joan Thirlaway lives not far away from Willowford Farm and took some of the photographs for their web site.  Her own site has some stunning images: After The Rain


More information about the wall can be found on the National Trails website: