Ipswich Buildings

Saturday, 9 July

11.10 Left Derby, then to Nottingham, Grantham, Bicker, Kings Lynn, Heacham. Norfolk Lavender was a disappointment, very crowded, very  commercialised- play  barn, restaurant, farm shop. Still ended up with some decent photos of some Japanese students.

Lavender Panorama

Don't you just love lavender!

Asked a women where the lavender is grown and  she said there was hundred acres in West Newton. Looked for it but didn't find it.    Then straight to Ipswich and checked in at the Holiday Inn at 5.00

5.31 Left for The British Larder, arrived at 5.50 and went straight in. after the first course Maddy came to chat and we were able to mention following her web site and to thank her for her recipes.
The place is well finished with simple tables that were amply big enough and chairs that were comfortable for the time you were likely to be on them.  The walls were stripped brick with wooden interlock boards painted dark brown.  B described it as very French bistro.

What we ate: A&B crab and tomato with gazpacho, B skate with potatoes and ruby  chard, A Duck leg with bacon and broad beans.  The duck was tender and had a rich flavour. the bacon had a sort of maple syrup flavour on the outside and the parsnips had a sprinkling of brown sugar slightly melted on.  Sounds very sweet but it was not.   Absolutely fabulous flavours.

Sunday, 10 July
4.08 Awake.  Left hotel at 4.31 and took 143 photos.


6.30 Back in our room drinking tea and reading the newspapers.  Today’s was the last of News Of The World - B bought a copy as a souvenir.  Read The Observer quite thoroughly.
8.50 Breakfast, and a very enjoyable freshly cooked one it was.
9.45 Left the hotel and parked behind the Co-op in Ipswich to walk round the shops.  Bought jigsaw puzzles for Toby and Daisy and Monty and Sarah Don’s cookery book for us.
10.45ish Arrived at Dave and Mary’s and then walked with them, Alison, Toby and Daisy to the local park where the children played.
Lunch, including some gluten free Foccacia, GF biscuits and some rather special cheeses. (Suffolk Blue and Suffolk Cheddar).
Sat in the garden, drank coffee and chatted.