Anglesey and the Llyn Pennisula Holiday - August 2012


This view was one of the reasons for travelling to Anglesey.


Friday 17th August 2012

12.35 Left home for our holiday.  We had had several sessions of being stuck in traffic and the journey seemed to be taking a long time.
3.35 Arrived at Newborough and paid to enter the area.  It is really attractive and would warrant much more time than we spent there.  Walked from the car par to the beach and most of the way to the peninsula but the rain increased and we were very wet.  The mist was coming down and it seemed unlikely that I would take any clear photographs so we gave up.  Walked back to the car.  Soaked and feet covered in sand.
4.50 Visited The Oystercatcher which was within sight of Cefn Dref.  Tried to book but they were fully booked and suggested that we just turn up and hope they could fit us in.
5.00 Arrived at  Cefn Dref.  Excellent room and lovely view over the lake.  Unpacked and changed and then at 6.00 went to the Oystercatcher for dinner: Shared goat’s cheese mousse with beetroot chutney and micro leaves; B haddock goujons and chips with mayonnaise and A Grilled plaice with prawns and grapes and new potatoes.  Really good food and excellent service but very noisy because of the wooden floors and high ceilings.
7.05 Back to Cefn Dref and more wine and writing this.  Weather forecast for the time we are here is not good.  It seems if we wanted sunny weather we should have gone to Kent.

Saturday 18th August 2012
8.50 Down to breakfast and we were the only ones there. Derek and Gill had gone to a lot of trouble to cater for gluten free in terms of cereals and bread.  Chatted for a long time with him.
10.30 Went to the village to buy some food for lunch.  Back to Cefn Dref to change and then at 11.30 off to South Stack.  Stopped at the RSPB café and had coffee, wrote some cards and had a chat to a lady there about where to walk.

South Stack

Walked to Ellins Tower and had a look through the telescopes there, chatted to the lady telling people about the birds. Walked  past the entrance of South Stack and then back to the car.  Drove from there to Valley where we bought petrol and then used the map entry of the satnav to take us to the picnic site at Llyn Alaw where we had a quiet picnic at a table with a view of the lake.

Llyn Alaw

 From there we went to the Llynnon Windmill

Llynnon Windmill

where we spent a fascinating time questioning the young male guide who was very knowledgeable.
At about 3.00 we drove to Benllech but didn’t like it much so drove on to Penmon where we paid to use the private road to reach the lighthouse.  B read her book whilst I walked a short distance and photographed the lighthouse.  Tried the HDR part of the camera.
Drove back to Cefn Dref and had a drink and downloaded the photos.
6.40 Went to Sandy’s Bistro for dinner.  Not good.  Both had the salmon starter – took ages to arrive and was disappointing and things were missing.  Mains: B scallops, again disappointing; A lamb with disgusting potato bits, hard green beans and a couple of lamb chops with other bits of fatty lamb.  Really poor.  Not going there again.  Worst food in a long time.
8.10 back to Cefn Dref.  More drinks and writing this.

Sunday 19th August 2012
5.00.  Decided to get up and try to photograph a sunrise.
5.10 Went to the local beach and that was no good at all.  Thought I would use the map to find somewhere but the map book was in the room so I gave up.  I put the satnav on map input for South Stack and went back there.  Saw mist, rabbits, a hare and all sorts of birds.  It really is a good time of day to be about.  Took some of the lighthouse and had a go at using the big stopper.  Lots to learn.  I became cold on the cliff top and the mist was getting worse so I gave up and set off for the dolmens.  Turned into the road and the sun rose above the clouds.  If I had have found them it would have a made a good shot, but I didn’t and a sunrise over the power station isn’t really the same.
Came back a slightly different way and was back at Cefn Dref by 6.57.
7.05  Some very necessary tea
8.30 Breakfast… a bit busy in there this morning.
9.40 Off towards Newborough to look at where we could park to explore the area without being dependent on the main car park which is controlled by opening times.  It is possible to park at any time at Malltreath and walk to LLanddwyn Island.  From there we went towards Beaumaris but as it was throwing it down with rain we decided to turn round and go back to Plas Newydd an NT property.

Plas Newydd

We joined a guided tour at 11.40.  The house itself was not open until 1.00.  The tour finished at about 12.30 and we decided to eat our lunch in the car park and then go on to Oriel Ynys Mon and the art works and the bronze age artefacts found in the lake at the Valley Airfield.  We stopped here for a cup of tea/coffee as well and then went back to Plas Newydd to look at what we had not been able to see during the tour.  Finished there at just after 5.00 and travelled back along the A4080 to Cefn Dref.  We stopped and  booked a table for 6.45 at Sullivans because I decided that I really couldn’t face going out late as well as having been up early.
6.10 Back at Cefn Dref.  Went out to dinner without bothering to change.  Food OK, wine OK, service good until it came to the bill and then they took ages so I went and asked for it at the desk.
8.15 Back at Cefn Dref and chatted for quite some time to Derek and Gill about all sorts of things
8.55 More wine, this and downloading photographs.

Monday 20th August 2012
5.20 Left Cefn Dref
5.30 Started the walk
6.45 Started taking photographs
9.00 Started back to Cefn Dref.  By the timings we thought we had walked about 7 miles.  But, now I have been able to measure it it turns out we did over 8 miles.


9.33 Breakfast
10.30 Left for Lleyn Pennisula.  Shopped in Morrison’s at Caernarfon.  Stopped at the National Trust car park at Morfa Nefyn for lunch.  Picnic table with fabulous view.


View over lunch.

Drove on to the National Trust car park at Carreg.  Walked a mile along the cliff top.  This is a place to return to. Chatted to a lady about the birds we had seen.


Drove from there to Plas yn Rhiw where we had a cup of tea but B was too tired to walk round the house so we left it.
Drove on to The Porth Tocyn Hotel using the satnav. Arrived at 5.40. I really did not like the last part of the journey because the the whole area was covered in caravans and seaside houses and looked like a council tip.  The hotel room was fine and had a view across fields to the cliff top.  I picked up a map from reception and was disappointed to find that there was not a cliff path walk shown on it.  However, once I had unloaded the car I looked out of the window and noticed some people walking out of a newly made gateway out of the hotel grounds and then along a newly made fenced path to the cliff tops so I decided to explore whilst B watched the news.


7.30 Went to dinner.  Both a bit grumpy about the fact that you were asked to wait in the bar area and asked if you wanted drinks.  We both declined saying that we just wanted to eat.  However, when we were invited to sit it our table the food and wine arrived immediately. Both had salmon stuffed with crab as a starter.  B had sea bass on butternut squash mash and I had baked cod with fennel and asparagus.  Excellent food. Bottle of Picpoul which made a welcome change.

Tuesday 21st August 2012

10.30 Out of our room and car packed.  Went for a walk along the cliffs to very near the waterfall.  Chatted to a lady who was a farmer’s wife walking two Jack Russells along the cliff path and asked at which point we would be able to see the bay and it was much further than I thought we had time for so we turned round just before the descent to the waterfall.
12.45 Left the hotel car park and travelled by satnav home. As we neared Crewe the rain was falling so heavily that cars pulled off the road and parked with their hazard lights on.  I carried on but said to B that I was worried that we would go round a corner to meet a wall of water.  I don’t think I have ever seen so much rain in one go.
5.00 Arrived home.