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Visit to Kent


We arrived at the hotel at about lunch time and had a meal in the bar. We were pleasantly surprised by the hotel. We had not stayed in one from this chain before and found it to be very well appointed and comfortable as well as very new.


Having unpacked we then set off for the coast to visit the coast at Whitstable and Herne Bay .



We had a quick look at the fishmongers but there wasn't much point really as we had no intention of smelling the car out with fish for two days.

This was meant to be a slow journey down memory lane for Beryl who used to cycle in this area. Unfortunately there was a howling gale and we only spent a few minutes out of the car. We packed up early and went back to the hotel to read.

The next morning we went to Canterbury to the huge Eurofair. There were masses of stalls selling all sorts of things including food, drink and artefacts. It was really well worth the visit but again it was really cold and Beryl was not well enough to enjoy it.


Later in the morning we moved on to Leeds Castle which was just one junction down the motorway from the hotel. It is somewhere I have wanted to visit for many years and it was not a disappointment. Beryl found that as the day had warmed up she was able to do more and so we had a long walk through the grounds and toured the house which is in immaculate condition. We had lunch there in the cafe and decided then that the place would warrant another visit at some time in the future. There were large parts of the grounds that we did not look at.

View of the castle from the approach road.


From a different angle.


There was abundant bird life - including the heron in the centre of this picture.


We left the hotel quite late the next morning and had a really enjoyable slow drive through country lanes as far as Petworth and from there we went on main roads to Gosport . The point of the journey was that we had to travel from Felixstowe to Gosport and so we thought we would travel via Kent and stop off on the way. Three days well spent.