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Visit to York

Each year recently Beryl has travelled to meet and have lunch with her school friend Ruth. They have known each other for fifty six years. We travelled by train and met Ruth in the Royal York Hotel where we had coffee. I took the luggage to our hotel and left the girls to go off somewhere for lunch. I went off to find a barber's shop and to buy items for use later in the day. Later I was wandering through a market when Beryl ‘phoned to suggest meeting up again: we were less than a few yards away from each other.

Christmas shopping being watched over by the church.

After Ruth had departed on the park and ride bus we walked around the city looking at the menus of the restaurants suggested by the barber. There was quite a choice. As in Cambridge a few weeks ago there were lots of people doing their Christmas shopping and we really enjoyed drifting from shop to shop. We thought it was interesting that major stores seem to fit unobtrusively into the background of York streets.

After a lot of walking about we decided to eat in the hotel where we were staying. That was not a good idea. The less said about it the better.

View just outside the hotel next morning.

Next day we walked over much of the city feeling by now quite familiar with it. We both bought new clothes in anticipation of an event on the 9th December.

We visited Fairfax House and spent quite some time there chatting to the guides. The house is a gem and has a really beautiful Venetian staircase.

After this we went in to a number of commercial art galleries but didn't find anything we felt a need to own. So shopped out we return to the hotel to collect luggage and catch the train home.