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John Gardner DCPC 02/03/2015

Adrian Lines DCPC 30/06/2014

My favourite image of the evening: Butterfly Tree


Copyright readily acknowledged. The image is not stored on this system but taken from his url.

Tim Pile - Tim's Flickr - Tim's Tumblr

Norfolk Coast Photograph Locations - some suggestions

Antony Spencer

Calendar of Photographic Opportunities

Notes for Photo Locations in Western Scotland

Clive Haynes and Martin Addison DCPC 11/02/2013

Peter Levers 'Captured Cornwall'

Gerry Coles DCPC 14/01/2013

My Derbyshire photography visits.

Andrew Parkinson DCPC 07/01/13

Bob and Sue Moore DCPC 26/11/12

Mark Aspland DCPC 29/10/12

Dorset Photography Visit - Possible Locations

John Finney

Harsharn Gill

Peter Cairns DCPC 17/09/12

Paul Newcombe

Stephen Price

Tom Wilkinson

Phil Malpas - DCPC 10/09/12

Kathryn Scorah - DCPC 30/07/12

Rob Falconer

Fran Halsall

Tannachy Photography

Jacob James

Ian Daisley - DCPC 16/07/12 High Stone Gallery, Wedding photography and Pro Bike Art.

Talk Photography

Bruce Percy

Chris Upton - DCPC 02/07/12

The Photographer’s Ephemera

Gary Langley- DCPC 25/06/12


Kieth Naylor

Mary McCartney

Joe Cornish

Arnhel de Serra

Light and Land

Cambridge in Colour

Christine Widdall

Ron Bigelow Tutorials - photoshop

Chart for using ND filters

Shutter speed, aperture and ISO - understanding stops

Photo Places - locations for photographs in the UK

Pete Barnes

David Clapp - DCPC 02/04/12

Stephen Elliot

Peter Preece  - DCPC 19/03/12

Ben Hall - DCPC 16/01/12

Wayne Brittle - DCPC 28/11/11

Ann Miles - DCPC 07/11/11

Derek Doar - DCPC 24/10/11

Sue and John Baker - DCPC 03/10/11

Bob Brind-Surch - Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Club 22/09/11

Pete Bridgewood - DCPC 19/09/11

Danny Green - DCPC 05/09/11

Don Barker - DCPC 04/07/11

Dave Butcher - DCPC 27/06/11

Leigh Preston - DCPC 09/05/11

Bluebell Photography - 14th April 2011

This is the photograph I like the most and it just happens to be by Doug Chinnery.

Bluebell Wood

Doug Chinnery's tips for photographing bluebells.

These are some links to other people's photographs of the same subject:

Louise Bellin

Andrew James

Frank Leavesley

Dave Nicholls

Andy McInroy

Wayne Peacher

Adam Burton

Some suggestions as to where to find bluebell woodlands:

Locations of Bluebell Woodlands

Landscape Photography - 10th April 2011

Pete Bridgewood

Charlie Waite

Dav Thomas

Jon Horrocks

Chris Upton

Recent Miscellaneous Links - 8th April 2011

Digital Journal Of Photography

Cambridge In Colour - A Learning Community for Photographers

Digital Photography School

Karl Taylor Photography

Wildlife Photography - 4th April 2011

British Wildlife Photography Award Winners 2010

Our favourite photograph is Water Vole by Chris O'Reilly and it is easiest to view it here.

Long Exposure Landscape Photography - 4th April 2011

Doug Chinnery

Doug delivered a fascinating lecture to Derby City Photographic Club explaining the techniques of long exposure photography. I found it utterly engrossing and look forward to attempting it myself.

This person is mentioned on his web site: Joe Rainbow

These photographer's websites were mentioned or recommended by him:

Michael Kenna

Chris Friel

Susan Burnstine

Alexy Titarenko

Michael Levin

Recent Reading Material -2nd April 2011

Digital Exposure Handbook [Paperback] Ross Hoddinott (Author) Paperback: 192 pages. Publisher: Photographers' Institute Press (1 Nov 2008) ISBN-10: 1861085338 ISBN-13: 978-1861085337

Ross Hoddinott's web site

Peak Landscape and Light: A Photographer's Guide to the Peak District [Paperback] Karen Frenkel Paperback: 144 pages Publisher: Frances Lincoln; Flexibind edition (6 Jan 2011) ISBN-10: 0711230579 ISBN-13: 978-0711230576

Karen Frenkel's web site

Finally Joined a Photography Club -7th March 2011

Derby City Photographic Club

Climbing is no longer something I wish to do but I would like to take photos like the ones that appe
ar here:

Wildlife and Nature Stock Photos & Pictures:

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