London November 2008

Sunday, 23 November 2008

9.45 Left by taxi.  First Class Lounge not open at the week end so we had a cold and long wait for the train. 

1.50 Arrived.  Walked to the Euston Hilton.  Comfortable and welcoming but our room was very small – one of the smallest we have ever had.

3.00 Walked along Woburn Place, Southampton Row and Kingsway.  We stopped at Kemble Street and walked along Drury Lane to Long Acre, through to Leicester Square, Coventry Street and Picadilly.  Visited Waterstones and bought presents.  Walked back to the hotel via Regent Street.

regent street lights

Christmas Lights in Regent Street.


Monday, 24 November 2008

10.00 Arrived at Tate Britain, and looked at the collection on loan from the Cecil Higgins Gallery in Bedford which is being refurbished.  In the Tate I particularly liked: ‘Flaming June’ by Frederick Lord Leighton, ‘The Girl at the Gate’ 1889 by Sir George Clausen  and ‘Flowing to the River’ by Sir John Everett Millais, Bt

10.30 Met Barbara and walked around the gallery again and then had coffee.

11.50 Took the clipper service along the river to Tate Modern.  A really good way to travel such a journey, quick, easy and interesting.  Went to the Rothko Exhibition.  It was biggest disappointment in my life in terms of viewing art exhibitions.  He was a con artist.  In books and on posters I found him moderately interesting but the paintings themselves are really tedious and the comments made in the accompanying booklet made him out to be vainglorious and conceited.  The exhibition in the turbine hall was even worse.

tate art

Tate or Tat?


Lunch in Tate Modern Café and then we said goodbye to Barbara.  Took the tube from St Pauls to Oxford Circus and then walked to Cordings where I resisted the wealth of temptation and only bought a couple of shirts.

Walked from there to Carnaby Street where I joined the many others who were photographing the Christmas decorations. 


carnaby street lights

Spot the man with the camera.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

9.50 Walked along Euston Road to Great Portland Street and then through the back streets to The Wallace Collection where we viewed the Osbert Lancaster Exhibition.  It was excellent, extensive and funny as well as making you realise that he had been in your life for many years.

11.30 Coffee in the Wallace restaurant and then on to shopping in Oxford Street. Walked back to the hotel and arrived at 1.30, had a coffee and collected the luggage.

2.15 Boarded the train.  Read, listened to music and watched the view.  Rolling English countryside without a person in it.  A counterbalance to Oxford Street.