Photography Visits


Derbyshire Photography Visits January/February 2013

Chrome Hill sunset

I want to catch a sunset here with one side lit and the other in shade and the sun shining through the gap as in this one by Paul Newcombe

chrome hill


Or to catch a mist that hightlights the unusual shape
chrome hill

Alport Castles

This is one area I have not yet visited - again it is the shape of the hill I am interested in



This is just a little bit further on



Monsal Weir

One of the widest in Derbyshire - would like to use Lee big stopper on it.

Photo by Karen Frenkel

Mam Tor and the Great Ridge

Early morning or sunset. Lots of scope here including the gate at the end and the fence.

Photo by Karen Frenkel

Stanage Edge

Would like to capture this path and the mill stones at the foot of the rock face.

Photograph by Fran Halsall

Burbage Moor

Looking for lone trees and/or barns.


Photograph by Fran Halsall


This was an attempt of mine but only with the Ixus so not much control really and it's clearly blown out.


Cheedale - Blackwell Mill cottages


My photo taken with Ixus 750 want to go back to improve with with 5Dmk3

St Giles Church at Cheadle

We would like to visit this Pugin masterpiece to photograph and then go on to The Ship at Wincle for lunch.


The Calendar and Map have not been updated for the above proposed visits.

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Wingfield Manor

I would like to capture a stormy sky with shafts of sunlight and this imposing building in silhouette.


General view of Wingfield.


My start Image


My next image


Taken at a mock battle at Kedleston Hall, June 2011

The partially finished idea - with a title of 'The Tennant'

The Tennant

There are ten layers in the Photshop file including a grey layer, a grunge layer and a silverfx layer. It is still a bodged job in that the edges of the selection have not been done carefully enough, the tree in the window is a mess and the work-horse legs are obviously wrong. It's just too messy as an image but silverfx did a really good job with one click. I chose this combination because of the range from black to white because of the snow and the light was in the same direction for both photos.

Liverpool Docks Composite


This is a first attempt. I think the 'sun' is too round and too big.