Photography - Work In Progress

Having complained that my photography had not improved in years I decided to do something about it. In March 2011 I joined Derby City Photographic Club and in April I applied for the Open University Course 'T189:creating and sharing better images' which started in May 2011. This page is intended to document my attempts to improve.

Line and Light Portrait Photography Course - 19th June 2015


Holly - more images here.

Food Photography Course -3rd March 2015


Studio Portrait Photography Course - March 2015


Marta - more images here.


Laima - more images here.


Sherwood Observatory - 1st March 2015


One photograph from a Line And Light Course at Serwood Observatory.


A photograph of the moon taken using my Canon 5D Mark three attached directly to the telescope.

'A Few Moments In An Autumn Garden' - 14th November 2014


The front cover for a short slide show. Click image to be taken to the presentation.

Sea of Red - 12th November 2014


An altered image which fulfilled an idea I had.

Facebook Mono Challenge - 5th November 2014

Post Five Mono Images - One Each Day For Five Days








Some Work Using a Filter from Flaming Pear - 3rd November 2014



Modern Architecture Course with Line and Light Courses - 5th September 2014

Located at Jubilee Campus, Nottingham University and led by the excellent Martine Hamilton-Knight.


Click the photograph for more images.

A visit to Derwent Moors to photograph the heather - 24th August 2014


Click the photograph for more images.

An attempt to emulate Elizabeth Brown's mastery of flowers - 23rd August 2014

flowers with texture

My first attempt. Texture layer, a photo of marram grass on Harris. Opacity 26%, layer set to Dissolve. Parts of the bunch masked at 46% and some parts 100%. Then into Viveza to pop the brightness and saturation on the two Rudbeckias then back to Photoshop to drop the overall brightness by 46 and the contrast by 6.

It has been on my list for years to photograph the heather around the area of the Salt Cellar above Ladybower. Still haven't made it that far. This was on Bamford Edge - 20th August 2014


Straw Bale - same field, different bale, landscape not portrait - 6th August 2014


This photograph taken with a Canon Ixus 750

Candle Lit Memorial Service at The National Memorial Arboretum - 4th August 2014


I thought this was an appropriate subject for some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). This is my first try at a technique Dough Chinnery uses often.

To me it suggests all those who have walked a path before us to ensure the freedom for us to walk any path we choose.

Belper Historical Photowalk - 19th August 2013


This was a really interesting historical walk led by a reknowned local guide who was able to tell us a lot about the history of Belper which was fascinating.

In King Street the banks seened to have the most impressive buildings and it looked almost as though they were vying with each other to look the most prosperous and trustworthy. Trustworthy? Banks?

This one lends itself to dark interpretations.


I felt tempted to write grafitti under the notice: "Just put them in my back pocket."

Straw Bales - 14th August 2013


Pattern, shape, colour, not sure about the depth of field though.

Derby City Photography Club Photowalk - 5th August 2013


A guided walk around the Swarkestone area paying particular attention to the Church, The Pavillion and the ruins of the Manor.

The pavillion seems to lend itself to HDR treatment. Click photo for more.

Derby Photowalk - 3rd August 2013

A Two and Two Threes


Click the photo for more

The little girl noticed the photographer in front of me and asked her mum why they were being photographed. I was waiting for the dog to come back out from under the seat.

If you told the three lads to wear uniform they would resent it!

Wells Next The Sea - 3rd July 2013


Drawn by the colours of the huts. Golden sands, blue skies (not available whilst I was there!) long summer holidays. More here.

Thornham - 5th July 2013


The Thornham Coal Barn and a much photographed wreck. The patch work on the bank is explained here. More Thornham photographs here.


Morston Area - 5th July 2013


Coastal Sunrise. A series of photographs setting out to capture boats on the water and the salt marshes at sunrise. To see more click here or the photograph.


Hunstanton - 3rd July 2013


Coastal Sunset. A series of photographs to capture the colours on Hunstanton beach during a sunset. To see more click here or the photograph.

Brancaster - 3rd July 2013


An attempt at a minimalist, soft, image of a beach. To see more click here or the photograph.

Jubillee Park - 30th June 2013


This was a really exciting first for me. It was an honour to be offered the use of someone else's equipment. This was my first shot with a wide angle lens.

More Jubilee Park images here.

Harris Skies - May 2013


This was what I really wanted to achieve on Harris, milky water and streaky skies. Taken at 11pm one evening with a Lee Big Stopper and the shutter open for four minutes.

More Harris skies here.

Callanish - May 2013


We visited Callanish twice but both times during the afternoon. So, not for us the vivid sunrise or sunset but this HDR version shows some of the graininess of the rock.

More Callanish shots here.

Harris Beaches - May 2013


The visit to Harris was a wonderful chance to just stand still for as long as I wanted and just watch the light change minute by minute. The beaches are so varied from one to another.

More Harris beaches here.

Harris Textures - May 2013


Walking around early one morning on Seilebost beach I couldn't help but notice that I was surrounded by colourful shapes and textures and, as is well known, these colours appear in the tweeds made on the islands.

My swatch of materials is here.

'Reflections' Liverpool Architecture - 22nd April 2013


I noticed that 'reflections' photographs featured in 'The Guardian' somewhere. Have thought of submitting mine.

'Another Place' - 21st April 2013

another place

This is one image from a collection taken over a few days at Crosby. I want to work on the images some more but this is a first attempt.

Derby Photowalk - 6th April 2013


The theme for the walk was transport and roads. We started at the Council House and this was one of the first photographs of the day. The task was to use a slow shutter speed and to follow the moving object. The idea was to have some motion blur on the subject and a lot on the background. This photograph achieves that but, unfortunately, unlike the ones before and after this shot it does not show the blue lights glowing. For me the walk was an opportunity to use the Hightlight Tone Priority setting on my camera and practice following a moving object.

Crich 1940s Weekend - 1st April 2013


This is the frist time we have visited such an event. Didn't have much expectation because of lack of experience. Obviously on the look out for characters in particular poses. This shot seems to offer potential and is the first I spent time on from the day. Lots of work already done in terms of removal of drainpipes etc.. The individuals seem to offer scope for future use. Not at all sure about the red bag and I should have removed the black shoes bottom right as well.

Tulip Panel - 15th March 2013


Three images based on the work of Irene Froy with white layers and blur layers, but also Doug Chinnery's work using a texture layer.

Presented on a panel simply because this month's competition at the club, which I have not entered, is in the form of a panel.

Derby Photowalk: 'Industry' - 2nd March 2013.

This month's walk had the theme of industry. It started at The Silk Mill and went on to Chester Green.


This is a vertical, hand held, panorama which has been much altered. You can see the join between the two photographs, although above the lamp is not what you expect. I wanted to recreate the effect of a fisheye lens and have altered the distortion in both the original files and the combined one. I have also altered the clarity, saturation and whites and blacks to even out the bright sunlight. I know that you can clearly see the alterations but I wanted to accentuate the quality of the brickwork in what was once a factory. If this is utilitarianism I'll vote for Jeremy Bentham. I really need to go back on a day when the sun is not so bright, use a tripod, and make a more evenly balanced image.

Impressions of Liverpool - 19th February 2013.

Three photographs from the day out which capture my impressions of the city.


Thick fog and strong sunlight produced this effect at the docks.


This shot was taken through a dirty coffee shop window. Scubbed up well though and shows how powerful the sun was and yet how thick the fog.


Sunlight and fog - a strange combination.

Street Photography in Liverpool - 19th February 2013


Street photography is not something I find interesting but I decided to have a go during this visit to Liverpool. I like the way people are caught engrossed in their own worlds, particularly children. The fact that the shots were nearly all at a strange angle was interesting too. I learnt a number of things doing this and still have more to learn in terms of shutter speed. A wider angle lens, perhaps even a fisheye would have been useful as well. More street/shop shots here.


Snowdrops at Dimminsdale - 15th February 2013


ISO 100 f13 1/50th 24 to 105 lens at 105. Click photo to visit gallery of more shots.

We visit this nature reserve regularly. This is a straight back lit shot showing a lack of 'housework'. The gallery page has shots taken in the wind and mostly using the Canon EF12 ii extension tube and 20mm extension tube with a 50mm f1.8 lens.

Ten Images For My DCPC Gallery - 9th February 2013


After nearly two years in the club I decided that perhaps I could find ten images that would stand scrutiny by other photographers. The problem was then to select the ten. That is not to say that I had a lot of photos that would stand scrutiny but just that what I take photos of has broadened a lot and I couldn't decide on which catergory. My version of the gallery is here.

More Trees in the Snow - 19th January 2013


Having developed a taste for trees in snow I went out at photographed some more. Click the photo above to see the results.

Linacre Reservoir - 16th January 2013


When I went out to photograph barns I also wanted to photograph lone trees but ran out of time. One turned up a few days later though on a walk around Linacre Reservoir. Taken with an Ixus 750 on automatic, modified in Lightroom.

Cromford Canal - 14th January 2013


A piece of work. Thirds construction. The intersection of the right hand and bottom third is in the centre of the archway. The left upright third follows the edge of the bridge and the alder tree. One straight lead in line and one curving lead in line. Story : Canal boat, horse tow path, public footpath and cattle bridge converge at a pinch point.

All the usual Lightroom work and then the exposure increased on the water. In Photoshop a graduated pink fill applied from top right and masked off the bridge and posts.

Following guidelines and fiddling with software does not make a good photograph though. This is messy and falls out of the frame. It's a learning curve!

Barns near Snitterton and Bonsall Moor - 14th January 2013


Not a piece of work, just a barn slap in the middle of a photograph. Not supposed to do that but I like the barn and think that these conditions show why they were necessary.


This shot seemed to ask to be monochrome as there was hardly any colour there anyway. It indicates how common the barns are in this area.

More 'Apprenticeship' Shots - 12th January 2013

This batch of photographs were more 'apprenticeship shots' where I was trying to emulate professional photographer's work as closely as possible.

Monsal Weir


After a photograph by Karen Frenkel

I also took a shot from the other bank.


Blackwell Cottages at Cheedale


After a photograph by Alan Novelli on the front of Derbyshire Life May 2012. This is obviously a different season. I took one in May with the small camera but the sky was blown out so I went to try again. Still not right because of the chopped chimney and the wrong angle of the bridge. A cyclist was nattering to me whilst taking this so didn't concentrate properly. Will have to go back again.

Light Trail in Cambridge - 21st December 2012


ISO 400 f22 82mm 30 seconds

I saw a night time photograph of this passageway across 'The Backs' many years ago taken by Sean McHugh of 'Cambridge in Colour'. It was fascinating to recognise the exact place. Cambridge has many of these lamps that create an impression of being as old as the suroundings. I took a number of shots this evening but this one amused me because of the light trail the cyclist caused and the fact that one light produced a solid trail whilst the flashing light produced such even dashes. The zigzag is where he cycled round a couple who were walking along the path.

Derby at Night - 18th December 2012


I went out to photograph light trails but wandered in the direction of the Cathedral Green and saw this. But, below is the light trail shot I planned.


Rufford Hall Aurora - 8th December 2012

To blur or not to blur? I took a number of shots at the Rufford Hall Aurora Open Evening. I didn't think any of them were any good until I put a gausian blur on the front of this one and it seemed to capture the spirit of the place. Lots of people, noise, lights, lots of enjoyment but nothing really clear. There was so much movement it was not possible to have an area to oneself - there was just a constant stream of people which means it was a success!

So, this shot captures the essence. Do photographs need to be sharply in focus?


More photographs from the evening here.

Day with Doug Chinnery - 9th November 2012

I had been looking forward to spending a day receiving private tuition from Doug for months and I was not disappointed. I think I learnt more in a few hours with him than in months of striving on my own. We spent part of the time in and around the Padley Gorge area taking photographs and then a couple of hours considering appropriate workflow. This image is the one from the day I am most pleased with. I will include the others in the photo gallery when I have time.


Manual, manual focus, IOS 100, 28mm, F11, 1.3 seconds, white balance set to shade. Processed in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5.

A Selection Of Padley Gorge Photographs

Dorset Long Exposure Coastal Photography - 1st November 2012

Long exposure coastal shots are something I have been wanting to do for months, since the not too successful visit to Robin Hood's Bay in April. These are three of my attempts in Dorset recently.


Durdle Door


Lyme Regis Cob


Pulpit Rock Portland

Chatsworth Autumn Colour - 26th October 2012

On the previous day we had driven through the park on the way to Bolehill. I just had to go back to capture the colours.






This shot was taken hand held with a 100 to 300 lens. The does were so preoccupied with avoiding the stags that they didn't take much notice of humans.


Click to view a panoramic photograph of Chatsworth.

Bole Hill - 25th October 2012

This was a trip out for Dennis and myself to photograph the millstones.


This is another attempt at HDR just using Photoshop and the raw file.


Fungi and the Fly - 11th October 2012

Using Extension tubes and getting ready for a Fungi Foray. This was taken using a 50mm F1.8 lens with a 20mm extension tube. In a difficult position and using manual focus with such a short depth of field it is diffictult to achieve what I wanted.


This photograph uses the same lens and extension tube. Not really sure if any of this is truely focussed but it is moving closer in on the central fungi. Follow the story.


And then in closer still using the 50 mm lens but with three extension tubes: 12mm, 20mm and 36mm. The white blur is the cobweb from the previous photographs. Watch out fly it is there to trap you!


Fly in a flap!


Shugborough Hall - 4th October 2012

First attempt at in camera HDR which is a feature of my new camera. It was set to 'Art Embossed'. I still don't like HDR but will continue to try because other photographers manage to make some interesting images.


Other features I explored on this visit were increasing the ISO and trying to detect the increase in 'noise' in camera. One of the better indoor shots is of the library with an ISO of 2500. The photo is here.

Padley Gorge - 3rd October 2012

This was a short trip to Padley after a day walking around Abney nearby. I went to check whether the leaves had started to turn but also, mainly, to have a first try with my Lee 'Big Stopper'.

I am fairly pleased with the results but, as always, one learns by experience. If the shutter is to remain open for 8 minutes and there is a breeze then the water is not the only thing that will be blurred!


Both of the next two have been cropped to remove branches: it was the water I wanted to photograph.


For this one I took a number of shots of the view without the filter and hoped to combine the clarity of the non filter shot for the top part of the scene with leaves frozen still and the filter shot with the blurred water but it just didn't look right however I tried to edit it.


Bamford Edge - 18th September 2012

Another 'apprenticeship visit'. This time to catch the sunset over Win Hill with side lighting of Ladybower and the surrounding hills. Didn't really work because the sun didn't throw much light to the side and I do not have grad filters to tone down the direct light. Still working on combining under exposed shots with others though.




Haddon Hall - 14th September 2012

Another 'apprenticeship visit'.

A common feature in many of the Flickr photographs was the flower arrangments. I wanted wooden panelling with a shaft of light on the flowers. However, I did not set the camrea correctly...still learning. This shot though has the shafts of light coming from the right and by taking the colour out and then 'popping' it on the red flowers I have achieved a similar end. I like the muted tones and the almost church like appearance of this end of the long gallery.


Altering the clarity and the vibrance has helped to achieve the striking tones of the stone and the glass. Not sure about the grass though.


Mother Cap Dawn

9th September

A follow up visit to the Higger Tor one just different in terms of time of day. Chatted with another photographer there. He does not post his photographs so I will never know what they are like but he was kind enough to offer me some practical help. This was the best shot from that visit. None of them were much good really.


Higger Tor Sunset

4th September

This was the first of what I am calling my 'apprenticeship visits.' The aim is to try to take the same shots from the same places as other more accomplished photographers with the hope that I learn something each time I do it. Someone whose work I had been watching carefully is Paul Newcombe particularly his Flickr Account. I have a long way to go to achieve what he manages to do. But this shot pleased me. Oddly enough Paul was in the same place at the same time and we just said 'Hi' and kept out of each other's way.


LLanddwyn Island

Monday 20th August 2012

We wanted to visit this place four years ago but failed to find the time. On this occasion we walked 8 miles at 5 in the morning and I had about 15 minutes to take the photographs. These are just two of them.




Papplewick Pumping Station - Photography Club Visit

13th August 2012

This was an opportunity to begin to explore the high ISO possibilites.



  pap1   pap2
  pap3   pap4


The Roundhouse - Photography Club Visit

6th August 2012

This was my first outing with my new camera. Another new adventure and a lot to learn. The most noticeable thing this evening was the huge ISO range of the camera. That is not what I have chosen these images for though. I have chosen these only for the colours.

  round4   round6   round5
  Light Switch   Glass with reflecting crystals in.....from the outside   The effect of those crystals inside.


Extension Tube on a 50mm f1.8.

22nd July 2012


The use of an extension tube on this lens has had the effect of diminishing the depth of field to an unacceptable level. More photos using extension tubes of 32mm on a 24 to 105 70mm F4 lens are here.

Photography Club visit to Lacock

Wednesday 5th June

  laycock-3    laycock    laycock-2 
  Full sun outside   Indoors but with bright sunshine outside   Completely indoors with hardly any natural light.

This was a day's outing to the picuresque village of Lacock which offered the opportunity to photograph some surroundings chosen by film directors for their evocation of earlier times. Unfortunately there were cars, bicycles, coaches and delivery vehicles all over the place. However, the architecture offered lots of possibilites. Although I did take some photographs of the architecture I have chosen to consider light here. The first shot above is one of the few where, although bright, the sky is not blown out. The second shot has both indoors in shade and outdoors in full sun. Although I took several shots at different settings and even tried copying and pasting sections from the underexposed shots into the blown out parts they looked even worse than the white parts of the image. As it was I cloned various parts of the image to remove people and improve definition of some of the stone work. The third shot was taken in a darkish room with no flash but with an ISO of 1600.


Monkey Forest Trentham Estate

Tuesday 19th June

This was a visit organised by members of Derby City Photographic Club - and many thanks to them. I took 300 photos, 123 of which were not as disappointing as usual. 23 of them I have included in the gallery.

We discussed settings beforehand. I chose Aperture Priority in the range of f4 to f5.6 for narrow depth of field. ISO in the range of 200 to 800 to cope with the shade and exposure of 1 stop under for all shots. There was good light but also with quite deep shade. I didn't want to end up with lots of shots of monkeys sitting on grass so I tried to vary. I have chosen here one backlit one, one using a fast shutter speed - I have had to extend the canvas and clone on this one because the monkey's rear end was on the edge of the frame and one close up with 'emotional content'. 

  Barbary Macaques-2    Barbary Macaques-4    Barbary Macaques-20 
  Backlit   Speed   Emotional


Breedon On The Hill

8th May 2012

Breedon2  Breedon3  Breedon4 

Not much altered.

Sky exposure increased and coloured filter applied.

Filter applied to sky. Tree exposure increased in Lightroom.

Last year I searched for a field of rape in front of a church and did not find one. This year I have seen three. In terms of learning about photography this demonstrates the advice given by Daivd White. Keep going back to the same places and learn from your mistakes. Two of these shots were taken with the tripod in exactly the same place as last year. Now I know what I am looking for and the shot I wish to take.

But there are still surprises!

Breedon5  Breedon6 

Filter applied to sky.

Not much alteration done. The rape flower shots were what I went there for but this is the shot I like from the afternoon's attempts.


Breadsall Church

6th May 2012

Breadsall  Breadsall-2  Breadsall-3 

This is what I wanted, blur at the front, focus at the back.

This was exactly what I was hoping for. Used a 100-300 lens to achieve it.

This was not what I wanted - more or less focussed throughout the depth.


Church of Christ the Consoler - Newby Hall

 Consoller-3 Consoller-2   Consoller




Each one of these is a merged photograph of three shots using HDR at the Camera Raw stage. This was a first attempt at this technique inside a church. It was done as the light was fading at about 4.45 pm.

Rievaulx Abbey Arches

Rievaulx Abbey-6  Rievaulx Abbey-7  Rievaulx Abbey-8  Rievaulx Abbey-5 

Cloned out some dandelions.

Nothing done.


Fence cloned out, cropped to frame, straightened, and sharpened. I am pleased with this because it has the temple in the top left.

I spent some time taking these with the view that the arch was worth photographing but that the arch naturally became a frame for something else.

Runswick Bay

  Runswick-2    Runswick-3    Runswick-4 
  Nothing done.   Blue filter post shot.   Blue layer post shot.



Staithes Panorama


I am disappointed that this is the only panorama shot taken during the week on the Yorkshire Coast. I am also disappointed that there is a lens flare in it.

Saltwick Bay - coastal long exposure

End of April - various days.

  saltwick1    saltwick4    saltwick2
          Colour filter also used post shot.
   saltwick6    saltwick3    saltwick5
  All taken using ND8, polariser and tripod.        


Abbey Ruins

End of April - various days.

 whitbyabbey1  whitbyabbey2 Rievaulx Abbey-4  Fountains Abbey-2

Whitby Abbey

Very early one morning - taken using aperture priority. Some cloning out of signs.

Whitby Abbey

This shot was taken much later the same day. People cloned out but not much else done to the image.

Rievaulx Abbey

Image cropped and slight changes made to the sky.

Fountains Abbey

Sky darkened.


Falling Foss Waterfall

Thursday, 26th April 2012

 ffoss2  falling foss  ffoss3

Long exposure shot with ND8 and polariser filters. Altered saturation a little.

A merged shot of three photographs taken using autobracketing a third below, correct and a third above. Also applied a dark vignette to hide the branch bottom right.

Long exposure shot with ND8 and polariser filters.

Beamish Bicycle

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


This photograph was as dull as the day was but I have altered: exposure, contrast, clarity, vibrance, saturation and sharpening and now it looks quite jolly.

Skelton on Ure Yorkshire

Sunday, 22nd April

Newby1 Newby2 Newby3
It is that time of year again. Skies not so blue anywhere this year! I spent some time trying to lighten the exposure for the rape and darken it for the sky. In the end cropping the image was the best thing to do. This is as shot. I liked the way the rays of light are in apparent shafts.


Photographic Club visit to Lumsdale

Thursday, 29th March 2012

CRW_8248 copy CRW_8202 copy CRW_8253 copy CRW_8236 copy
I wanted 'milky' water But, I also wanted to see the bottom of the stream And then I wanted to freeze the flow And even freeze individual globules

This was an oportunity to try all sorts of techniques and have experienced practicioners to help - very many thanks to Sarah and Tony for the generous gift of their time and expertise. I used manual for the photographs featured here, a tripod for each except number three where the camera was hand held resting on a rock. In each I used both an ND8 filter and a polarising filter. But, I also tried using aperture priority except I have not included examples here. I also pushed the ISO up to 1600 (but not without showing the limitations of my camera) and the speed up to 1/2000.

Much Doctored Images of Boats on Ladybower Reservoir

28th March 2012




I have seen some very attractive photographs of rowing boats here but they were taken some time ago. Now the boats have outboard motors, all of which I have had to remove!

When doctoring images with reflections take care. I hope I have.

Spherical Panoramas

Tuesday, 20th March 2012

calkespan2  calkespan3 

Just messing about with a technique demonstrated at the club. Untidy, but I know how to do it now. Taken at Calke Park where the ground was still not flat enough.


Tuesday, 21st February 2012

CRW_8022  CRW_8023 copy  IMG_8013 

Taken with a Canon EF12 ii extension tube with a 50mm f1.8 lens.

Warm Snow

Sunday, 5th February 2012

CRW_7908  CRW_7946copy  CRW_7963copy 
This was the one with the hue I liked. I applied the same to this. And to this but also with lens flare.


Finally picked the camera up again after a break caused by disappointment with progress and lack of time. Caught the sunrise early on in this session and decided to give most of the photographs the same hue using layers. Also used lighting effects.

National Memorial Arboretum

Monday, 14th November 2011

CRW_7747 copy CRW_7743 copy CRW_7749
Moving the camera Moving the camera Motion blur in photoshop

This was a first attempt at creating an effect I have often seen used elsewhere - although to much better effect. I came to the conclusion that motion blur in Photoshop did a better job.

Markeaton Park Firework Display

Saturday, 5th November 2011

CRW_7619 copy


CRW_7629 copy CRW_7675 copy CRW_7694 copy CRW_7695 copy
1.6 seconds   4 seconds  3.2 seconds 3.2 seconds

I read an article which suggested settings of ISO 100 and f13 and then to vary the exposure time which is what I did. I might have experimented more but I felt a bit clandestine as I had entered a 'forbidden' area so that I could have the reflection of the fireworks in the water. More to learn I think.

Westonbirt Arboretum

Sunday, 31st October 2011


This was a first attempt at creating an HDR image from three auto bracketed photographs. Ghastly isn't it?


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

chestnut-1 chestnut-2 chestnut-3 chestnut-4

For these photographs I used the lightbox I made during the OU course, a tripod (so no rolling around on the floor) the Canon EF12 ii extension tube with the 50mm f1.8 lens.


Fungi Forays

Early October 2011

clumberone-21 CRW_7064 copy fl-2 clumberone-12

This was my first oportunity to use a Canon EF12 ii extension tube with the 18 to 55 mm and 50mm f1.8 lens. It took a long time to grasp how to use it. I gave up with auto focus and used manual but because of rolling around on the ground at strange angles I found that I couldn't really see whether the subject was in focus or not!

Osmaston Park Sawmill

Thursday, 15 September 2011

irsawmill2 sawmill3

Photograph taken using an infra red (R72) filter.

Photograph taken using a NDx8 filter and a polarising filter.



Vugga Cove

Sunday, 04 September 2011

vugga cove 1 vugga cove 2
vugga cove 3 vugga cove 4

These were my first attempts at using a NDx8 filter. For some I used a polarising filter as well. Each one was subjected to quite a lot of Photoshop fiddling.


Crocosmia using a new lens.
Tuesday, 12 July 2011

crocosmia-1 crocosmia-9 crocosmia-6 crocosmia-8

Photographs taken using a Canon 50mm F1.8 lens. No editing done at all.


Buildings and boats at Ipswich Docks

Sunday, 10 July 2011

ipswich-2 ipswich-24 ipswich-8 ipswich-23

I do not take many photographs of buildings but these at Ipswich Docks early one morning were irresistable. Nothing done to the images post shot.

ipswich-17 ipswich-18 ipswich-22  

It was an almost perfectly still morning throwing good reflections. Again, nothing done to the images post shot.



Saturday, 9 July 2011

flaxpan3 copy

Flax near Avebury


redpoppan copy

Poppies near Greasley


pink poppies panorama copy

Pink Poppies just off The Ridgeway


Lavender Panorama

Lavender near Heacham



Wednesday, 29 June

CRW_6360 copy CRW_6369 copy

These two had white layers added and adjusted and then an eraser used to highlight the bird. (Thanks to Don Barker.)


  CRW_6436 CRW_6499

These two just had slight colour adjustments.

Variation on a theme

Tuesday, 21 June

tbox copy
Just a quick go at working on multiple layers and isolating individual colours and desaturating them.

Yet More Poppies

Wednesday, 15 June

IMG_5080 copy IMG_5075 copy IMG_5060 copy IMG_5077 copy

Fiddling with layers and filters

Saturday, 11 June

rbw4warmingfilter rbw1 rbw2 rbw3

I have seen this effect used in a number of lectures at the club and wanted to have a go myself. These are my first attempts. These were taken at a different location to the previous poppy photographs.


Outdoor Portraits from a Jacobite Rebellion

Saturday, 11 June

CRW_5864 CRW_5882 CRW_5850 copy CRW_5854 heads

Mock battles provide an oportunity to photograph portraits in the open air. I was surprised just what distinctive facial appearences there were. A difficulty of this kind of photography seems to be limiting the amount of visual rubbish there is in the photo before you take it as well as afterwards. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the combatants started attacking each other.

Open University Free Choice Activity - Ironbridge

Thursday, 9 June

CRW_5763 copy_edited-1 CRW_5766 CRW_5756 copy CRW_5785

Part of an OU free choice assignment. I chose to photograph bridges.


Poppy Field

Monday, 6 June

CRW_5646alt IMG_5616alt IMG_4926alt IMG_4927alt

Went out to photograph bridges near Aston on Trent and spotted this field. Had to stop, bridges will have to wait.

Open University Depth of Field Activity And Others

Monday, 30 May

CRW_5599 copy_edited-1 CRW_5586 CRW_5585 IMG_4847
Cloning, lighting and tint alteration One of the examples of varied focal
length with object the same size
DOF and colour exercise DOF and colour exercise


Open University Low Light - High ISO Activity

Thursday, 26 May

CRW_5563 copy CRW_5564 CRW_5568 copy CRW_5570

An activity on the course to use a high ISO and very low light.

Derelict Building

Wednesday, 25 May

IMG_4836 copy IMG_4839 IMG_4841 IMG_4840

I have walked past a derelict farmhouse on the Oakover Estate a number of times and not bothered to look closely. Today, on the basis of 'a photo a day' I had a closer look and this is what I saw.

Open University Varied ISO Activity

Tuesday, 24 May
CRW_5543 copy IMG_5555 copy IMG_5554 copy IMG_5558 copy

An activity on the course to vary the ISO and take the same photograph to see the differences. The first image is at ISO 1600 and is clearly grainy but I have included it here because I like the way it looks. The others are ISO 200 and 100.

Imperial War Museum

Saturday, 21 May
IMG_4765 IMG_4771alt IMG_4775alt IMG_4780

Poor light conditions, no tripod, glass in the way, snapping whilst no guide in the room. Although there is not much to it, I like the first image. The book was about four feet square and was on the floor in a darkened room. Images were projected on to it.

Belper Street Scene

Friday, 20 May

Belper guitarist
Take some photographs every day! Take your camera with you everywhere. What, even to Belper?
You never know what may appear.

High Key and Low Key Lighting

Tuesday, 17 May

CRW_5459 copy CRW_5479 CRW_5482 CRW_5483 CRW_5490

This is the first time I have used studio lighting. I am very pleased with the results although would have liked to have taken more shots in the low key session.

Burrows Gardens Brailsford

Friday, 6 May

IMG_5438 IMG_5449 IMG_5441alt-1 IMG_5457 IMG_5412

I was trying for detail and perspective in the first three. In the second two I was thinking about composition. The well top still has a problem in the top right. One judge said of photographing objects, "They don't move, so you must until you get the composition right." All around this image were wires and posts. In the photo of the pine, the leaves in mid-field are in focus which is what I wanted.



Tuesday, 3 May
IMG_5307alt IMG_5331 IMG_5343 IMG_5407alt

There were lots of opportunities on this walk, most of which I missed!

Fields of Rape Flowers

Saturday, 30 April
yellow1 yellow4 yellow2 yellow3

Yellow flowers instead of blue ones. Looking for a bold colour contrast and some pattern.


G&C's Garden

Friday, 29 April

IMG_5265 IMG_5253 IMG_5258 IMG_5268

I wanted to capture the essence of a well established garden in spring using the plants as a contrast to the statues. I didn't manage that but some of the close ups of flowers are not too bad.


Yoxall Lodge Bluebells

Friday, 29 April

IMG_5243 IMG_5225alt IMG_5233alt IMG_5227alt

What I set out to do here was to have better close up focus of individual plants with a short depth of field and in the wider shots to have a more marked contrast between light and shade, greens and blues.
Compared to the Booth's Wood shots below I think there is an improvement.

Details of Yoxall Lodge are here.

Padley Gorge

Friday, 27 April

IMG_5128 IMG_5143 IMG_5170 IMG_5176

These are my first attempts at "milky water" photographs....with a little help from some friendly people. Thank you particularly to Tony and Nicky. Nicky's blog entry is here .

Booth's Wood Bluebells

Friday, 22 April

IMG_5064 IMG_5077 IMG_5083 IMG_5092

These were my first attempts using a polarising filter.

Spring Flowers at Six The Hawthorns

Wednesday, 6 April

IMG_5003 IMG_4984 IMG_5040alt IMG_5032alt

These photos were taken using a tip from Robert Hawkesworth FRPS/ARPS during his talk on 14th March. The black or dark green velvet backdrop has removed all the distractions behind the flowers.

Lambs at Calke Park

Tuesday, 5 April

IMG_4954 IMG_4955 IMG_4963 IMG_4964

I had two main aims here, neither of which I managed to fulfil. The first was to fill the frame and the second was to have the sun behind the lambs to give them a fluffy new-born appearance. All the photographs were taken using my 100-300 Ultrasonic lens. I have not bothered to alter or crop them in any way.