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Phone photograph taken on a walk beside the Thames - 25th May 2017


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  Item Date uploaded
  A New Link in Gardening Links (Suggested by Mark) 27th May 2018
  A New Link in Gardening Links (Suggested by Bella) 13th April 2018
  Beverley Minster Article 6th April 2018
  Nut Loaf Recipe 4th April 2018
  Portsmouth Cathedral Article 4th April 2018
  Derby Bach Choir Concert 17th March 2018 4th April 2018
  Rochester Cathedral Article 6th February 2018
  A New Link in Gardening Links (Suggested by Kayla) 20th December 2017
  Programme for the Next Derby Bach Choir Concert 10th November 2017
  River Of Light Fireworks Liverpool 9th November 2017
  Oakover and Tissington Bike Rides 9th November 2017
  Cromford Canal Bike Ride 24th October 2017
  Birmingham Cathedral Article 10th October 2017
  Ciutadella Cathedral Article 10th October 2017
  Schelswig Cathedral Article 10th October 2017
  New Cathedrals Page 10th October 2017
  A New Link in Gardening Links (Suggested by Kelsey) 3rd October 2017
  Menorca Photographs on Opening Page 3rd October 2017
  New Recipe Link 10th July 2017
  Plant List Updated 1st June 2017
  Six The Hawthorns - For Sale 30th May 2017
  A New Link In Gardening Links (Suggested by Cindy) 31st May 2017
  Kew Gardens and The Hive 29th May 2017
  Chelsea Flower Show 29th May 2017
  Article About Blackburn Cathedral 29th May 2017
  St. Matthew's Choir at Blackburn Cathedral 22nd May 2017
  Articles About Cathedrals For St. Matthew's Parish Magazine 8th April 2017
  Ladybower Reservoir Walk 20th March 2017
  Norway Photographs on Opening Page 11th March 2017
  St. Matthew's Choir at Tewksbury Abbey 26th October 2016
  Derby Bach Choir sings Handel's 'Israel In Egypt' 11th July 2016
  June Recipes 11th July 2016
  Wirksworth Open Gardens 26th June 2016
  Rhosygilwen Again and More Waterfalls 18th June 2016
  Plant List Updated 6th June 2016
  May Recipes 1st June 2016
  Photos of the Middle Terrace of the Back Garden 31st May 2016
  Changes To The Front Garden 22nd May 2016
  April Recipes 18th May 2016
  Firestone and Wyver Lane Walk 18th May 2016
  Plant List Updated 27th April 2016
  Other Garden Developments 27th April 2016
  Vegetable Garden Progress 5th April 2016
  March Recipes 2nd April 2016
  Biggin and Wolfscote Dales Walk 30th March 2016
  Beverley Minster Photograph Gallery 28th March 2016
  Hope and Ladybower Reservoir Walk 26th March 2016
  Derby Bach Choir Concert 12th March 2016 19th March 2016
  Cenarth Waterfall 19th March 2016
  Aberearon 19th March 2016
  Melindwr Valley 19th March 2016
  Rhosygilwen Weekend 19th March 2016
  February Recipes 3rd March 2016
  Darley Abbey Walk 22nd February 2016
  Norwich Cathedral Gallery 10th February 2016
  Celery and Cashew Nut Soup Recipe 10th February 2016
  January 2016 New Recipes 3rd February 2016
  Sheffield Cathedral Gallery 3rd February 2016
  Littleover School 1989 Students' Reunion 31st January 2015
  Portsmouth Cathedral Gallery 28th January 2015
  Peterborough Cathedral Gallery 28th January 2015
  Chelmsford Cathedral Gallery 27th January 2015
  Leicester Cathedral Gallery 27th January 2015
  Lakeside Gallery Elisabeth Frink Exhibition 27th January 2015
  College Court Hotel Leicester Gallery 25th January 2016
  Leicester Bach Choir 'Come and Sing Day' 24th January 2016
  Canterbury Cathedral Gallery 21st January 2016
  Derby Cathedral Gallery 19th January 2016
  Birmingham Cathedral Gallery 18th January 2016
  Birmingham New Street Station 17th January 2016
  A Recording of Blue Moon from the Kaleidosope Concert 15th January 2016
  Melbourne Walk 15th January 2016
  December Recipes 15th January 2016
  Blow The Dust Off Your Instrument Orchestra Day 11th January 2016
  November Recipes 11th January 2016
  Dovercourt Lighthouse Gallery 6th January 2016
  Flatford Mill 6th January 2016
  Kaleidoscope Christmas Concert 17th December 2015
  Wells Cathedral 12th December 2015
  Sing For Your Supper at Intu Derby - Christmas Songs 12th December 2015
  Cathedral Visits Page Updated 8th December 2015
  Holly S Portrait Gallery 8th December 2015
  New Portrait Gallery in the Photo Gallery 8th December 2015
  Flute Choir and Swing Band Christmas Concert 6th December 2015
  Sing For Your Supper at Alvaston Park- Christmas Songs 6th December 2015
  Sing For Your Supper at Sudbury Hall - Christmas Songs 5th December 2015
  St Matthew's Church Choir Singing Carols 5th December 2015
  Sing For Your Supper at Draycott Christmas Lights 1st December 2015
  Lake Disrict October 2015 Photo Gallery 21st November 2015
  Hereford Cathedral 19th November 2015
  Gloucester Cathedral 19th November 2015
  St Anne's Church Leeds 19th November 2015
  Exeter Cathedral 19th November 2015
  Ely Cathedral 19th November 2015
  Coventry Cathedral 18th November 2015
  Christ Church Oxford Cathedral 18th November 2015
  Chichester Cathedral 18th November 2015
  Chester Cathedral 18th November 2015
  Guildford Cathedral 17th November 2015
  Carlisle Cathedral 17th November 2015
  St Edmundsbury Cathedral 17th November 2015
  Kaleidoscope Choir 'Turning on the Christmas Lights' 15th November 2015
  Southwell Minster 7th November 2015
  Bristol Cathedral 7th November 2015
  Cathedral Gallery - very much a work in progress 7th November 2015
  Fungi Gallery 2015 7th November 2015